The machines

Moulder: “Continuous process belt” moulding plants for puff pastry and derivatives, ciabattas, baguettes, etc.

Proofer: Balance chambers for bread or for inserting the baking tins and moulds, stacked chambers, racked chambers.

Conveying: Table top systems for transfer to the oven, removal from the oven, handling of the baking tins.

Working/Kneading: Cutting groups, suction demoulder, needle demoulder, seed dosage groups

Baking: Thermal cycle tunnel ovens with turbo system

Cooling: Rack systems for products on baking tins, cooling, proofing and freezing spirals

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To choose the plant to best suit your needs, please request a consulting session with one of our technical experts who all high level expertise in giving you details of the most appropriate solution for your business based on the quantities and types of production you require.

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Our plants

In the following we have listed the full food industry systems supplied by Copit.

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